I05D Button (RED/ YELLOW/ GREEN) is a simple digital output button. When the button is pressed, the output becomes high. When button is not pressed, the output becomes low.


Example applications of I05D Button (RED/ YELLOW/ GREEN) include:

  • Collision Detection

  • Collect User's Input

  • Keyboard

  • Push Button

  • Supply Voltage DC 3V-5V
    Interface Type PH2.54MM/3-PIN
    Size 63.8 mm * 39.8 mm
    Signal Type Digital Output
    Program Coding Control

    Press: Low Level; Not Press: High Level
    Output 1: When the button is pressed;

    Output 0: When the button is not pressed.

    Pin Config

    DO (Digital Output)

    VCC (+ 5V/3V Voltage Ping)

    GND (Power Grounding Pin)

    Circuit Protection (+/- )Reverse Battery , Short Circuit , Overcurrent Protection