Micro:bit Expansion Board (PH)

Micro:bit Expansion Board (PH)

The M01 Micro:bit Expansion Board is designed to work with Micro:bit. It expands the Micro:bit capabilities by providing a user-friendly interface with a 2-pin power supply.


This product requires a Micro:bit to use.

  • Supply Voltage DC 3V-5V
    Power Supply Interface PH2.0MM/2-PIN
    Size 87.8 mm * 63.8 mm
    Expansion Interface

    PH2.54MM/3-PIN x3

    PH2.54MM/4-PIN x2

    PH2.54MM/5-PIN x 1

    Power Output

    Optional 3V/OFF/5V

    Output 3.3V Mode, Maximum Current 500mA

    Output 5V Mode, Maximum Current 1000mA

    Pin Config

    PX (Micro:bit Pin)

    VCC (+ 5V /3V Voltage Ping)

    GND (Power Grounding Pin)

    Circuit Protection Battery +/- Reverse, Short Circuit, Overcurrent Protection