Servo Motor

Servo Motor

The A03D Servo Motor is a 180° servo motor controlled by pulse-width modulation (PWM). The range of angle is 0° to 180°. The corresponding frequency is 500μs - 2500μs.

  • Supply Voltage DC 4.8V-6V
    Size PH2,54MM/3-PIN
    Signal Type

    22 mm * 12.2 mm * 99 mm

    PWM (Digital Timing Control) (SG90)

    No-load Speed 0.12s/ 60° (4.8V) 0.10s / 60° (6V)

    Program Coding Control
    The motor will rotate to different angles based on different frequencies of input.
    The range of angle is from -90° to 90°.
    The corresponding frequency is 500us to 2500us.
    Torque 1.6kg-cm (4.8V)
    Dead Zone Setting 5us
    Pin Config

    S (Signal)

    VCC (+ 4.8-6 Voltage Ping)

    GND (Power Grounding Pin)

    Circuit Protection (+/- )Reverse Battery, Short Circuit, Overcurrent Protection
    Application Smart IoT