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About Us


The world is evolving, and we must change. AIMaker believes STEM education is more than just academic subjects. It provides a skill set that guides the new generation’s thinking and behavior. 


We hope to equip our next generation by providing our alternative and project-based STEM course with cutting-edge hardware and software. Our students will have unique perspectives and skills which are valuable in every field that enable them to address the world's future challenges.

The Company

About AIMaker

STEM becomes more important now. AIMaker combines the strengths of both Hanshin Group and RIHK and creates interactive, interesting and fun learning STEM teaching materials and courses.

We inherit our skills and technologies to schools and students and help them go further and boarder in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

About Hanshin

Hanshin is founded in Hong Kong for more than 24 years and becomes one of the world leading manufacturers in the Electronic Industry. Our products are distributed in over 20 countries and improve life and experiences of our worldwide users.

About RIHK

RIHK is established in 2003 and focuses on STEM Education for years. Our courses are dedicated to students in computational thinking and improve their coding skills and creativity. Strategically Partnered with Hanshin Group, we are looking forward to providing our next generations a wider spectrum of STEM Education.

Our Pillars

Combined the strength of both companies, we equip students the latest cutting-edge AIoT technologies via our 4 critical pillars.

  • AIMaker Sensors Series

  • Coding Software based on Scratch 3.0 and MakeCode

  • Interesting and Fun Learning Curriculum

  • Real Life Applications


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