S01D Buzzer Module turns digital input into sound.


Example applications of S01D Buzzer include:

  • Siren

  • Feedback Sound

  • Door Bell

  • Supply Voltage DC 3V-5V
    Interface Type PH2.54MM/3-PIN
    Size 63.8 mm * 39.8 mm
    Signal Type Digital Input
    Program Coding Control

    PWM (Digital Timing Control)

    In Scratch, you can modify the value with :
    Frequency: 0~20K
    Duration: No Limit
    Volume: 0~255

    Pin Config

    DI (Digital Input)

    VCC (+ 5V/3V Voltage Ping)

    GND (Power Grounding Pin)

    Circuit Protection (+/- )Reverse Battery, Short Circuit, Overcurrent Protection
    Application  Music Greeting Card, Siren