Heartbeat Pulse Oximetry Sensor

Heartbeat Pulse Oximetry Sensor

D18U Heartbeat Pulse Oximetry Sensor is an integrated pulse oximetry and heart-rate monitor biosensor module. It detects heartbeat and blood oxygen concentration.


Example applications of D18U Heartbeat Pulse Oximetry Sensor include:

  • Health Monitoring Device

  • Supply Voltage DC 3V-5V
    Interface Type PH2.54MM/4-PIN
    Size 63.8 mm * 39.8 mm
    Sensor Maxim Integrated Max30102
    IR LED Wavelength 870nm~900nm
    RED LED Wavelength 650nm~670nm
    Program Coding Control Show the blood oxygen concentration, ranging from 0 - 100
    Show the heart rate (times per minute)
    Pin Config

    TX UART (TX)

    RX UART (RX)

    VCC (+5V /3V Voltage ping)

    GND (Power Grounding pin)

    Circuit Protection (+/- )Reverse Battery , Short Circuit , Overcurrent Protection
    Application Detect the human heart rate and the blood oxygen concentration