Liquid Temperature Sensor

Liquid Temperature Sensor

The D20A Liquid Temperature Sensor detects temperature by measuring the resistance of the NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor. The resistance of the thermistor decreases when the temperature increases.


Example applications of D20A Liquid Temperature Sensor includes:

  • Coolant Temperature Monitor

  • Environment Temperature Control

  • Overheat Warning System

  • Supply Voltage DC 3V-5V
    Interface Type PH2.54MM/3-PIN
    Module Size 63.8 mm * 39.8 mm
    Sensor Size Φ4mm*20mm
    Sensor NTC B3950 10K 1%
    Temperature Range -50°C to 110°C
    Signal Type Analog Output
    Program Coding Control Output in ℃
    Pin Config

    AO (Analog Output)

    VCC (+ 5V /3V Voltage Ping)

    GND (Power Grounding Pin)

    Circuit Protection (+/- )Reverse Battery , Short Circuit , Overcurrent Protection
    Application Detect the temperature of liquid